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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Anti-Flag: For Blood and Empire

Posted:5/31/2006 11:13:00 AM by Valentine
RCA, as in a major label? That was kind of weird to see on an Anti-Flag CD, but whatever. Read the full review >>>

Sweet Wednesday: Wherever You Go

Posted:5/29/2006 4:17:00 PM by Joel Edelman
Occasionally goofy lyrics are the big surprise on Wherever You Go. Read the full review >>>

Nire: We All Shine On

Posted:5/29/2006 4:00:00 PM by Joel Edelman
With haunting vocals and bite-size tracks, Nire do an excellent job with crafting efficient songs that you really ought to love, if you know what's good for you. Read the full review >>>

Julia Lau: In the Wildflowers and Weeds

Posted:5/29/2006 3:02:00 PM by Joel Edelman
Listening to this album crashed my broswer, but why should you care? Julia Lau does an excellent Paula Cole impression on In the Wildflowers and Weeds, but what does it all mean?

Well, there's plenty of low- and midtempo tunes on the album, and some of them run together a bit, but her voice is so even-keeled that it's not a problem. Read the full review >>>

Jolenes: Get It to Go

Posted:5/29/2006 12:43:00 PM by Joel Edelman
It's amazing how things have changed since 2003. Read the full review >>>

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New Review Update: January 30, 2015

Happy Friday! This is John G bringing you some new reviews. This weekend, I'm road-trippin' to see World/Inferno Friendship Society. (FYI, for me, "road tripping" is any drive over one hour thirty minutes). Tell me, what was your favorite road trip concert? What zany hijinks did you get into?

Today's reviews are:

Media: Beach Slang: "Too Late to Die Young"

Beach Slang Beach Slang are streaming a new tune. The song is “Too Late to Die Young" and it's off the upcoming compilation Strength in Weakness. Modern Baseball, Spraynard, Marietta, Hurry and The Weaks are also on the release, which is out February 3, 2015 and benefits United Cerebral Palsy.

. Pre-orders are here.

Iron Reagan to release deluxe edition of 'Spoiled Identiity'

Iron Reagan is going to release a deluxe edition of their Spoiled Identity EP, which was originally released as a Flexi-disc in Decibel magazine. The new version is out via A389 Records and will be a one-sided 12-inch with bonus tracks. Pre-orders will be posted here later today.

Sean Bonnette releases covers EP

Andrew Jackson Jihad Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad has released a digital covers EP. it's out now via Quote Unquote records and finds Bonnette covering bands including The Misfits, Slayer, and David Bowie. You can find it here.

AJJ released Christmas Island in 2014.

Media: Red Hot Rebellion: 'The Mission'

Red Hot Rebellion Red Hot Rebellion has released a stream of their new album. The album is called The Mission and it's a concept album about "a band of intergalactic heroes sent to Earth to save the world with the power of Rock n' Roll." It's out February 3, 2015 and comes with a comic book telling the album's story. You can pre-order it here.


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